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Screenshot of the Day

Anothzer fine Art Drawing of "Koles Art".

Created by: R J Kole Contact R J Kole Internet
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Show your screenshots to the world !

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The Daily Screensaver Screeshot database ( formerly The Daily Fractal ) is a collection of artful screenshots submitted by creative people.Each day we choose a picture for the screenshot of the day.Older pictures can be viewed from the archive .All pictures can be sent as Ecards. Anyone is invited to submit one or more pictures.

What can i submit ?

Almost anything which has been created with a computer software or a program which creates nice looking colourful patterns or scenes or even backgouds for your desktop. Even interesting screenshots from your favorite PC-Game are possible.

What can i NOT submit ?

Sensitive material as pictures with sexual or voilent content , pictures containing links, spam or pictures violating copyrights.You must agree with our terms before submitting any material to this site.

How to take a screenshot ?

There are a couple different ways :

1. From the main screen : Press "Print" on your keyboard ,  this stores a shot of your screen on the windows clipboard. Then open a drawing program like Paintshop or whatever you have on your PC and press "paste". (MSPaint should be on any Windows PC). Your Screenshot should appear within your program, now you can adjust it to the desired size.  2. While a screensaver is running : Only a few screensavers allow to take screenshots while running . To make this availiable install a program like SSHOT . These little tools make it possible to take screenshots from within most screensavers or even some PC-Games .With a tools like this installed your are highly anabled to get endlessly creative. 3. Using a paintprogram with advanced digital effects : Just save whatever you have created to your harddrive.

Please Remember : This site lives from your pictures !

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If you wish to use some of our pictures please read our terms.

Update : January 2010

After a long time online period this site has turned out as a "single submitter site".This is nothing bad, but kind of sad, because we know many folks deal with graphics and fractals.I wonder why they hide their great stuff form the public. - In the beginning of this year i have redrawn many of my older fractals  from the 90ies, so at least for the next month you will find rather fractals on this site than other drawings.

Note : If youre a fractal enthusiast, you should watch this site, because upcoming fractals are mostly OWN formulas , nerver seen on the net !

2010 R J Kole - The Daily Screenshot.

  Random Archive Pictures

Formula 90


Inverted Flowers

Unknown Fractal


Not only sceensavers can be produce an enormeous range of artful images. On this site you can  already find a bunch of images from fractint and other savers and programs.

Pictures of art and/or screenshots of fractals or other drawing software are spread allover the internet and the main goal of this site is to collect the best ones and keep them in a databank for many years.

Screensavers are widely availiable through the internet or from you software dealer.Many of them are free and even some built in savers of your operating software (windows ect.) can be used to draw exiting pictures.A must for artists is to keep a good screenshot tool by hand (see above).

( Please Note : we are not responsible for any possible damage suggested software can raise on your system, so you use any software desrcibed above on your own risk.We only provide basic informations about software availible.Ask the seller/manufacturer for details or read their maunals.)


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